Speciallizing in Micro radio Control
and Indoor Free Flight

.Micro R/C and Indoor Electric Catalogue Index

This page is a pictorial index only. In order to view detailed information and pricing for any of the items shown, simply select any of the blue text,or any of the pictures that have blue frames around them.

Air Swimmers
ARF Backyard and Park Flyers
Battery Cells and Packs
Battery Chargers
Bearings, Gears, Wheels & Tires
Carbon Fiber Rods and Tubes
Covering Materials
Ducted Fans
Electrical, Connectors and Wire
Model Airplane Kits
Motors, Brushless
Motors Micro Brushless Gold Series
Motors, Coreless
Motors, Geared Flight Drives
Motors, With Cores
Lighter-Than-Air Craft - Novelty Fish
Package Deals for Indoor/Outdoor
Plans for Electric and Rubber
Radio Receivers
Radio Systems 900 mHz
Reamers, Tapered, Precision Metric
Scales, Digital Precision
Servos, Light
Speed Controllers ESC and Brushless

Pictorial Index

Air Swimmers
Light Servos
Blue Arrow BA-25 2.5g.
BLUEBIRD 303, 3.4g.
Hitec HS-50 5.9 g.

Coreless Motors
MNC-1331 - 19.1g
MNC-1717 - 17g
Didel Motors
Didel Gear Boxes

 Motors Direct Drive With Cores
Sky Hooks SHP-1 Motors
HiLine Direct Drive Motors
 Geared Flight Systems
Sky Hooks & Rigging SHP-1 Geared
MSYS 118
MSYS 1331
MSYS 1717
HiLine GNOME-50 Geared

Brushless Micro Outrunner Drives
MICRO-BL1Y Tiny Outrunner 3.5 g.
MICRO-BL2 Tiny Outrunner 3.5 g.
MICRO-BL3-14 Gold Series 5.2 g.
MICRO-BL3-12 Gold Series 5.2 g.
MICRO-BL4-15 Gold Series 6.2 g.
MICRO-BL6-11 Gold Series 8 g.
MICRO-BL6-9 Gold Series 8 g.
Sky Hooks & Rigging 300HT Drive 25 g.
Sky Hooks & Rigging 300DF Drive 25 g.
Sky Hooks & Rigging 400T Drive 40 g.
Sky Hooks & Rigging 400F Drive 40 g.
WES Carbon Fiber Props
PROP-100 Prop for Plantraco Geared Drives
Replacement for TRI-TURBOFAN Prop
CFP-3233 Carbon Prop
GWS Plastic Props

Speed Controllers
SCSH-7A-V Variable Cut Off
SCSH-3BL Brushless Controller 3 A, 0.22g
SCSH-6BL Brushless Controller 6 A, 1.8 g.
SCSH-10BL Brushless Controller 10A, 10 g.
SCSH-20BL Brushless Controller 20A, 10 g.
Kontronic 10
JE140 by Jeti
Sub Micro Radio Receivers
GWS PICO Receiver
GWS PICO Flight Pack
GWS NARO Receiver
GWS NARO Flight Pack
Super Micro Radio TX, RX and Flight
PACK-HFX900 Deluxe Set 1
PACK-HFX900 DEluixe Set 2
900-TXA210 Transmitter
900-TXA205 Transmitter
MICRO9-9 3-Function RX, 0.9g
MICRO9-38 Butterfly RX, 0.38g
MINIACT 50 Ohm Actuator
MICROACT 0.41g Actuator
HINGEACT 0.23g B.I.R.D. Actuator
MICRO RACER Shoestring-16
MICRO RACER Shoestring Wasp
MICRO RACER P-51 Fighter
MICRO RACER P-51 Miss America
MSYS-GB03 6mm Drive 5.25:1
MSYS-GB05 4mm Butterfly Drive
4mm Coreless Motor 6-Pack
6mm Coreless Motor
7mm Super-Slick Coreless Motor
LP90 LiPoly Cell, 90 mAh
LP30 LiPoly Cell, 30 mAh
CFP-3233, 3.2" X 3.3" Carbon Prop
PROP-100 for the GB03 drive, 100mm
PROP-TURBO for 7mm MNC-7-33PL
SET of 5 NANO Connectors
HFX900 Flight Simulator and Interface
ARF Backyard and Park Flyers
GWS ME109 WW-II Fighter
Model Airplane Kits for Indoor and Backyard R/C Flying
ANGEL Slow Flyer
Little DEVIL Micro Slow Flyer
CAP-10B Micro 3-D Trainer
MOSQUITO Indoor Flyer
1903 Wright Flyer Twin
Corsair F4U-1
Curtiss Robin by Dare
Curtiss JN-4 by Dare
DELTA Star 500 aerobatic
Hacker FF & R/C Kits
LittleBEE ARC SlowFlyer
Luton Minor by Dare
Luscomb Silvaire by Dare
Spirit of St. Louis by dare
Stinson 108-3 Voyager
TINY aerobatic

Covering Materials and Supplies
Condenser Foils
Risteen Microlite
Scales and Chargers
Digital Precision Scale
Tapered precision reamers
0.3 to 1.5 mm set
1.4 to 7.0 mm set
Vacuum Forming Frame Kits
 Bearings, Gears, Wheels & Parts
Ball Bearings
Spur Gears
Pinion Gears
Tire Materials
Spoked Wheel Kits
Electrical and Power Supply
Micro Connector System
SPDT Switch
Speed Trimmer
NiCad Cells and Packs
Header System for POLYCELLS
Lithium Ion Charger
RX72N-HYB-V Package Deal
Model Airplane Plans & Books
Getting Started In Backyard Flying
Flying Models
Vacuum Forming
Electric Power Plans
Rubber Power Plans Convertible
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How to Order From SKY HOOKS & RIGGING

There two ways to order from Sky Hooks & Rigging:

1. You may write to us or telephone us with your request, 905-257-2101, so that we may establish the amount for shipping and handling in addition to the amount of your order. Be sure to leave your full name and telephone number if we are on the telephone or away from the desk.

2. You may simply use our ONLINE CATALOGUE system.

When you use the ONLINE CATALOGUE system,there are five ways to make payment:

1. You may use our secure, online Credit Card System to pay by VISA or Master Card.

2. You may wish to mail us your order and credit card information.

3. You may wish to FAX us your order and credit card information.

4. You may mail us a money order or a cheque with a written list of your needs.

5. You may use our toll-free credit card line to tell us your VISA or Master Card numbers and order particulars such as the items you wish to purchase, your order number and invoice number.

To Order From Our ONLINE CATALOGUE system

1. Browse through the ONLINE CATALOGUE to identify items that you may be interested in purchasing.

2. All products which are available will be accompanied by a selection box that defines the quantity "Qty:" of the product you wish to buy. Depending upon the product, there may also be ways to define colour, radio channel, size, etc. Select or fill in all of the information required for the item being purchased.

3. Each product in the catalogue will also be accompanied by an "Add to Cart" selection button which will permit you to add the product to your shopping cart. Each time you add an item to your shopping cart the system will provide you with a listing of the entire contents of your cart and allow you to add further items, modify the order, remove items from your cart or delete the entire contents if you wish. The system will also tally the order in Canadian Dollars for you, as well as providing an approximate total in U.S. dollars.

4. At this stage, you may either process your order, or continue shopping. If you select "continue", the system will put you back into the catalogue for further browsing and shopping.

5. You may process your order at any time simply by selecting one of the many "To Process Your Order (Checkout)" links that may be found near all of the products in the catalogue. You can always find a "Process Order or Checkout" link to select in the common menu strip near the bottom of every page in the system.

6. When you process your order through the Checkout Counter, the system will ask for your e-mail address. If you have been a customer before, the address and name have already been filled in. If you have not purchased from us before, the system will ask for delivery information. There is a place for special delivery instructions, such as "deliver to the blue loading dock only". After all of the delivery information has been filled in, you must click "Continue".

7. The system will expect you to determine a shipping area, from a drop-down box of available areas. These areas also provide tax information to the system if applicable.

8. Below the shipping section, there will be a list of payment options for you to select from. When you decide how you want to pay, the final processing screen appears and now shows the complete total with shipping and taxes included. This page also provides a confirmation and fields to be completed for payment information. When everything is correct, simple select "Continue" one last time, and the system will e-mail you a copy of the transaction and have your order on its way shortly.

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All sales are final unless otherwise stated. The user must determine the suitability of all items for the intended use and assume all risk and responsibility thereof.

If, however, you receive a defective product from Sky Hooks & Rigging,you may return it within 30 days for a direct replacement by obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Sky Hooks & Rigging. Any item being returned to us MUST be accompanied by this RMA number or it cannot be accepted. A defective product being returned directly to SkyHooks & Rigging must be, untampered with and in its original packaging. Once a product has been used, or tampered with in any way, or after the 30 day period mentioned above, you must refer to the manufacturer's warranty for policies regarding repair or replacement due to manufacturing defects or other liability concerns. Most manufacturers warranty their equipment for a limited time and in limited ways and a used faulty product should be returned directly to its manufacturer. Please call our Technical Support Line, or fax us, at 905-257-0168 if you are experiencing a problem with one of our products and are uncertain as to what to do.

If for any reason, a customer returns a package unopened and undamaged, there will be a 15%, of the amount of the order, restocking fee charged along with the cost of shipping. All other charges will be refunded to the customer's credit card. Refunds do not apply to packages that are returned, opened or damaged or without an RMA number.


* All sales are final unless otherwise stated.

* The user must determine the suitability of all items for the intended use and assume all risk and responsibility thereof.

* Returns must be made within 30 days of the invoice date for full replacement or credit for other goods.

* If you are shipping a return back, you MUST CALL US FIRST in order to get your Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA number.

* No returns on special customer orders

* The cost of shipping and a restocking fee or 15% of the amount of the order will be charged on all packages returned unopened and undamaged. No refund will be allowed for packages that have been opened and/or damaged unless accompanied by an RMA number.

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