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RX72-HYB Receiver
RX72-HYB Specifications
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RX72N-HYB Receiver
RX72N-HYB Specifications
RX72N-HYB-V Low Voltage Receiver NEW
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Other RX72 Receivers Available
Crystals for All RX72 Receivers
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The RX72 HYBRID with Built-In Speed Controller by SKY HOOKS & RIGGING

The WORLD'S LIGHTEST and smallest, 4 channel, fully proportional FM receiver, with a built-in, 7 Amp, BEC speed controller, at 3.3 grams as shown, or 2.9 g. without the shrink tubing. Cur off Voltage for the ESC is 5.1 V. The BEC does not cut throttle completely, but drops the available high throttle to 1/4. This promotes a landing withoiut the often fatal zero throttle that can be so difficult for slow flyers.

Still lighter than the regular RX72-JST receiver and speed controller combined. Even lighter when you consider that there are no connecting wires and plugs between the receiver and the speed controller.

Other HYBRID Receivers for Special Appications such as low voltage and POLYCELLs

At 3.3 g. , this 4 channel, FM, 72 MHz receiver is perfect for indoor and back yard R/C. The RX72-HYBRID is available on any channel from 11 through 60. These receivers are in stock. Compatible with PPM transmitters: HiTech Focus-4 or higher, Futaba, JR, and Airtronics and Multiplex. Size 0.0938" long x 0.75" wide x 0.25" thick. Single sttick transmitters may have compatibility problens due to an unusual location of the throttle in the pulse stream.


$140.00 each USD
$185.00.00 CAD equivalent
Qty: Please type in your FM CHANNEL NUMBER Please select transmitter brand

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Crystals for All RX72 Receivers

RX72-XTAL, Custom built sub-micro crystals for all RX72 indoor receivers

$15.00 each USD
$20.00 CAD equivalent
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RX72N-XTAL Special sub-micro crystals for RX72N Narrow Band receivers

$15.00 each USD
$20.00 CAD equivalent
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The RX72-HYBRID has the following characteristics:

72 MHz, FM fully proportional
Servo channel functions 4
Available frequency channels 11 through 60
Weight (including antenna, connector sockets, shrink tube and crystal) 3.3 g.
Dimensions 0.0938" long x 0.75" wide x 0.25" thick
Range 1,000 feet
Current Draw 10 mA @ 5 Volts
Operating temperature range 0°C to 70°C
Input Voltage Range 3.7 to 5.5 Volts
RF Input Bandwidth ±76 KHz
Transmitter Compatibility JR, Airtronics, Multiplex, Hitec, and Futaba

HYBRID Speed Controller Characteristics:

4 MHz RISC Microprocessor
Safe - Switch-On, Waits for Low Throttle before starting.
Soft Start.
LED used as throttle indicator.
Fast throttle response.
Motor stops on loss of signal.
Motor restarts on signal re-acquisition.
The HYBRID ESC does not shut off the motor, when the battery voltage drops below 5.3 Volts, but reduces the amount of full throttle available to a maximum of 1/4 throttle.
Control range: 1.2 ms to 1.8 ms
Valid pulse range: 0.8 ms to 2.4 ms
Nominal Voltage: 6 to 10.5 Volts (15 Volts absolute maximum).
Current: 7 Amps continuous, 9 Amp maximum.
BEC: Modulation frequency: 3 KHz
Voltage drop: less than 17 mV / 1 A
Chirp: Operational, low throttle detected.
Slow Blink: Throttle on and motor running.
Full On and Bright: Full throttle position.
Fast Blink: Low Battery Warning.
LED Off: Motor is Off.

Other Models of RX72 Receivers Available

Click Here For RX72-JST, 2.8 g.

Specially designed for indoor radio controlled flying, the RX72, with JST connectors is ideal. The sockets match the super light WES Technik linear servos. Weighing in at 2.8 g, (with servo pins, shrink tube and antenna) this little gem is a 4-channel receiver. Special servo adaptor plugs are included with the receiver, for those who wish to adapt standard servos.

Click Here For RX72-PRO, 1.9 g.

The RX72-PRO is for the purist, looking for extreme lightness and is available without the JST connector sockets. Instead, solder terminals are provided to allow direct connection to servos and speed control. Model RX72-PRO is a 5-channel receiver, its weight is approximately 2.0 g. (with wires, shrink tube and antenna) and its dimensions are 0.8" x 0.525" x 0.3". Otherwise the PRO has similar specifications to the RX72. The RX72-PRO is ideal for helicopter work.

These units are regularly in stock. The retail price of the JST, F, and PRO models of the RX72 is $110.00 in U.S. Dollars, or $145.00 CAD equivalent.


All of the RX72 series of receivers comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules of Operation, FCC ID: KH8-T2000.


The warrantee policy is simple. If an SHR unit fails to operate, in accordance with its description and design parameters, and provided that the unit has not been tampered with, sustained any physical damage, or been electrically overloaded by the user, it may be returned for repair or replacement by the use of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number, obtainable from SKY HOOKS & RIGGING. No merchandise may be returned without an RMA Number. If the unit has failed for any of the reasons mentioned above, it may be repaired at the owner's expense and discretion, by SKY HOOKS & RIGGING.


Of course, dealer enquiries are welcome. Just contact Tom McCann, of SKY HOOKS & RIGGING, 2206 Towne Blvd., Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Voice 905-257-2101 or Fax 905-257-0168, or e-mail "info@skyhooks.ca" for further information. You might also wish to look at the SKY HOOKS & RIGGING web store at "http://www.skyhooks.ca".

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